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Rush TEP

TEP Nu has a rich history of athletics, academics, service, and brotherhood, but we're always looking for new members to expand the chapter. We challenge you to join the brotherhood and maintain the established standard of excellence as a brother of Tau Epsilon Phi. Please reach out to our Administrative Vice Chancellors if you are interested in meeting the brotherhood, so you, too, can experience TEP Nu and its lifelong benefits.

"Rush" is the term used for the recruitment period of new members for fraternities. Fall recruitment consists of both structured and unstructured events that allow potential new members to meet brothers and learn more about fraternity life. Invitations (bids) to join a fraternity can be given out any time during the recruitment period.


Administrative Vice Chancellors:

Ben Segal: segalben2@gmail.com or (404) 368-0040

Josh Messitte: joshmessitte@gmail.com or (310) 910-5674

Jacob Euster: euster.j@gmail.com or (770) 314-2052

To learn more about how rush works at UGA, visit these websites: